Artisan Breads

Semolina, Lagana Greek Bread, Pita bread, Specialty Breads, Bavarian Soft Pretzels, Pretzel Buns, Fruit Breads, French/Italian Baguettes, Italian Sourdough Bread topped with sea salt, and much more!

Sweet Items

Fruit Pies, Cakes, French & Italian Pastries, Cupcakes, Muffins, Biscotti, Danish, Ricotta Cannoli, Rigula, Cheesecakes, Cookies, Coffee Cakes, hand-dipped ice cream and other desserts.

Savory Items

 Hearty breakfast Brioche and Croissants with choice of egg, bacon, shaved ham or sausage and cheese, tomatoe pie, spanikopita. and puff pizza and more!

homemade fruit pies

Homemade Fruit Pies

with Buttery Crusts



Light, flakey pastry with fruit fusions



come in many fruit varieties & cream cheese fillings

twisted heart cake

Twisted Heart Cake

This cake can warm any heart. Shaved dark chocolate, dipped strawberries with your choice of vanilla or chocolate cake. 



Traditional Greek Bread, thin, light and crispy with lots of grain and sesame.

walnut danish ring

Walnut Danish Ring

Danish dough with cinnamon, raisins, & marmalade inside, with mounds of nuts on top.

savory puff pizza

Savory Puff Pizza

A savory pastry type dough with fresh seasonings, olives & cheese

european wedding cookies

European Wedding Cookies

Butter cookie with chunks of nuts, rolled in powdered sugar.

bavarian style pretzels

Bavarian Style Pretzels

Plain or with a choice of toppings

ricotta cannoli

Ricotta Cannoli

Original Old World Italian recipe. Whole Milk Ricotta, & marscapone, blend.

semolina specialty breads

Semolina Specialty Breads

Cheese Breads, Pepperoni & Asiago or Cheddar, Kalamata Olives with Feta & Mediterranean Herbs, Sun-dried Tomato, Basil & Parmesan and more.


Florentines (Gluten Sensitive)

Sesame, Peanut, Almond, Cranberry Walnut

cannoli cake

Cannoli Cake

Vanilla or chocolate cake loaded inside and out with cannoli filling and semi-sweet Chips. (Serves 6)

chocolate eclairs

Chocolate Eclairs

Choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream, coconut cream, or Bavarian cream.

cinnamon swirls with raisins

Cinnamon Swirls with Raisins

pain au chocolat

Pain Au Chocolat

Buttery Danish dough with cinnamon & dark semi-sweet imported chocolate.

Ask us about our Party Trays; offering Petite Pastries & Savory Appetizer Trays

gift certificates

Gift Certificates Available

assorted petite pastry tray

Assorted Petite Pastry Tray

Dark Belgium Chocolate, Bavarian Cream & Red Raspberry

petite criossants

Petite Croissants

Shaved Ham & Brie Cheese in a Butter Croissant.

customized gifts

Customized Gifts

assorted cookie trays

Assorted Cookie Trays

petite dessert trays

Petite Dessert Trays