Sweet delights

Welcome to our world of "Sweet Delights". All baking is done on premises daily and we change our menu seasonally. You can taste the "real" butter and good quality of ingredients that goes into all our baked goods. At Twisted European Bakery, all we KNEAD is love.

pie on a wood stand

Fruit Pie

All pies have an all butter pie crust, 8” pies are made with 2 pounds of fruit and our 10” pies are made with 3.5 pounds of fruit. Apple, Apple Cranberry, Apple Crumb, Blueberry, Boston Creme, Caramel Apple Walnut, Cherry, Peach, Pecan, Pumpkin 8” Fruit Pies, $16 each, 10” Fruit Pies $28 each, 8” Pecan $28 (not available in 10”), 8” Boston Creme $18, 10” Boston Creme $34, 8” Caramel Apple Walnut $28, 10” Caramel Apple Walnut $48, 8” Apple Crumb $16, Apple Crumb $28, Apple Cranberry 8” $18, $34 for 10

almond cake

All About Almonds Cake

Almond cake with almond bits inside and Almond buttercream outside. Toasted Almonds around for a spectacular taste. 6” Cake $35, 8” Cake $48

four deserts on a tray


These European Donuts are overstuffed with your choice of filling. Choose from:
Raspberry Jelly, Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream, Lemon Curd, Bavarian & Chocolate, Banana Creme, and more. $3 each

Buche De Noel

Chocolate or Vanilla cake Roll with your choice of fillings,vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, red raspberry. (Seasonal) $25

Butter Cake

This cake is an old-fashioned favorite. We use only real melted butter inside and out. You can order it plain or get it with apples inside. 6” Cake $12, 8” Cake $18, 10” Cake $25

cake pops

Cake Pops

Colorful, sweet and delightfully pleasing. Assorted flavors and colors.
(Minimum order 12) $4 each

cannoli cake

Cannoli Cake

Vanilla or chocolate cake loaded inside and out with cannoli filling and semi-sweet chips. (Serves 6)

Special Order Only. 6” Cake $32, 8” Cake $55, 10” Cake $85, 12” Cake $110

coconut cake

Coconut Cake

Moist Coconut flavored cake with coconut buttercream and coconut flakes. 6” Cake $30, 8” Cake $42, 10” Cake $55

cake with macarons on top

Custom Birthday Cakes

Call for pricing.

designer cake

Designer Cake

Rich Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Buttercream, White and dark Ganache’ with an assortment of imported vanilla and chocolate straws surrounding a delicious cake. Special order only. 6” Cake $32, 8” Cake $55, 10” Cake $85, 12” Cake $110

german chocolate cake

German Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake, flaked Coconut and Pecans in chocolate buttercream. 6” Cake $35, 8” Cake $48

Petite Cannoli Cakes

These are available in vanilla or chocolate cake. Filled with our rich, homemade cannoli/mascarpone filling, then dipped in a semisweet chocolate. Must be special ordered. $8 each

white desert

The Sicilian Kiss

A petite vanilla dessert cake, filled with lemon curd then dipped in white chocolate then topped with a dollop of vanilla buttercream. (Special order) $6 each

triple chocolate crunch cake

Triple Chocolate Crunch Cake

Dark chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, crushed chocolate cookies, chocolate ganache. 6” Cake $30, 8” Cake $42, 10” Cake $55


Donut stuffed with Ricotta Cannoli Filling, optionally topped with chocolate ganache and semi-sweet chips. $5.50

double cookie

Double Cookie

Double Cookie dipped in chocolate & sprinkles. Filling choices. Nutella or red Raspberry. $2.00 each or $10 for 1/2 pound

european wedding cookies

European Wedding Cookies

Butter cookie with chunks of nuts, rolled in powdered sugar. $2 each or $10 for 1/2 pound

gingerbread kids

Gingerbread Kids

$3 each

brown sweet cookies

Rosemary and Pine-nut Cookies

This is a unique buttery cookie with lots of toasted crushed Pine-nuts and savory Rosemary. Seasonal

Spritz Cookies

An Italian butter cookie with rainbow or chocolate sprinkles. 1/2 pound $9.99

A Variety of Italian Biscotti

Including, Anise, Cranberry, Lemon Poppy Seed, Almond, Napoleon, and many more. Price varies by flavor

almond brioche loaf

Almond Brioche Loaf

1 lb $10.00

apple roses

Apple Roses

Artistic, beautiful pastries that make a statement and stand out! A fresh baked apple or pear sliced thin and rolled into a delicate puff pastry. Cinnamon, brown sugar and pure butter enhance the flavor. $6



This is a Mediterranean treasure. Thin Filo layered with chopped walnuts, cinnamon, crushed cloves, & sweet honey. $3 each

Bavarian Cream Turnover

Bavarian Cream Turnover

A favorite if you're a vanilla custard lover. It’s crispy outside and creamy inside. $4.75

chocolate croissants

Belgium Chocolate filled Croissants $4.00

Our croissants are flaky and filled with dark Belgium chocolate and drizzled with chocolate ganache’

caramel pecan brownie

Caramel Pecan Brownie

A rich, dark chocolate brownie covered in chewy Caramel and Pecans. $4, Regular Brownies $3.50

chocolate eclairs

Chocolate Eclairs

Choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream, coconut cream, or Bavarian cream. $4.75

cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Swirls

Cinnamon raisin $4 each, caramel pecan $5 each, chocolate cinnamon swirls $4.50 each

Diamond Pastry

Are filled with sweet cream cheese encased in a light crispy French Pastry crust, then topped with cherry or blueberry filling and a semi sweet chocolate ganache. $8

peach muffin

Fire Roasted Peach stuffed Muffin


Also available: Blueberry, Lemon Tangerine, Banana Choc. Chip, and many more.

butter croissants

Flaky Butter Croissants

Our croissants are very light and flakey, made with real butter. $2.50

french rolle

French Rolle

Filled with creamy, Goat cheese and Rich Red Raspberry baked in our crispy pastry crust. $5 each

greek rolle

Greek Rolle

Filled with savory Feta Cheese with our sweet Lemon Curd Filling Baked in our crispy pastry crust. $5 each



These are a traditional Greek / Italian Sesame Cookie Just a hint of sweetness with lots of toasted sesame seeds. 1/2 pound $9.99

lemon blueberry turnovers

Fruit Turnovers

Crispy turnovers loaded with fruit. Apple, cherry or lemon blueberry. $4.50 each

new york cheesecakes

NY Baby Cheesecakes

with topping $5.50

Pain Au Chocolat

Is a sweet buttery dough. Inside and out, a dark semi-sweet Belgium chocolate and lots of cinnamon with-in. $18 (serves 4-6)

ricotta cannoli

Ricotta Cannoli

Original Old World Italian recipe. Whole Milk Ricotta, & marscapone, blend. Petite Plain Cannoli 2 for $5, Petite Chocolate Dipped Cannoli 2 for $6, Full size plain $5, Full size chocolate dipped $5.50



Sfogliatella is a crispy Italian Pastry filled with sweet ricotta and just a touch of lemon.

flavored truffle desert


These are bite size Party Desserts that come in a multitude of flavors like: Triple Chocolate, Lemon Zest, Coconut Snowball, Very Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry, Oreo Blast and more. $2.50 each or 8 for $16

Walnut and Pecan Danish Ring

(Special order, Serves 8)

Danish dough with cinnamon & Raisins inside, lots of walnuts and pecans on top. (Also available in smaller loaf size). $22

Savory Items

feta puff

Feta Puff

Lots of Feta, olive oil, & Mediterranean herbs in puff Pastry. $4, Greek olive feta puff is $5

french pastry sandwich

French Pastry Sandwich

Roasted Turkey Breast & Cheddar baked in a French Pastry crust. $6.50

deep dish spanikopita

Deep Dish Spanikopita

Spinache, Feta, olive oil, garlic, with Mediterranean Herbs in a flaky crust. $5 (individual)
$48 (serves 6-8 people, special order only)


Our Crusty & Tasty Breads include:
Sour Dough, Baguettes, Harvest 22 Grain
(Recommend call ahead, sells out quick) Sourdough $7, Baguettes $4, Harvest 22 Grain $7.50

Challah Bread

This is a delicious, sweet, soft, buttery bread. Perfect for French Toast. Seasonal
(Special Order, minimum 2 loaves)

breakfast brioche

Breakfast Brioche

choice of:
Egg & Cheese
Bacon or Sausage Patty, Egg & Cheese

Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheese
$6 each, $5 with no meat



Greek Style Grape Leaves stuffed with rice in olive oil & lemon.
$5 for 1/2 pound

greek soup

Soups & Stews

A Variety of Soups & Stews changes weekly/seasonally. 

Greek Avgolemono Soup
Greek Avgolemono $6, Tomato Basil Italiano $5, Tomato Basil with Rice or Pasta $6, Canelli Bean & Spinach $6.50, Roasted Sweet Peppers with Smoked Gouda $6.50, Sweet Potato and Quinoa $6, Butternut Squash $5, Beef Barley $6

Ask us about our Party Trays; offering Petite Pastries & Savory Appetizer Trays

Party Appetizer Trays

Puff Pastry baked with your choice of Kalamata Olive & Feta, Pepperoni & Asigo, Provolone & Pepperoni, Sundried Tomato & Parmesan

petite criossants

Petite Croissants

Plain butter Croissant, Shaved Ham with Provolone, Turkey with Cheddar, Semi-sweet, Belgium Chocolate, Almonds with Almond Paste, Cinnamon sugar filling, Red Raspberry filling.

petite dessert trays

Petite Dessert Trays

customized gifts

Customized Gifts

assorted petite pastry tray

Assorted Petite Pastry Tray

Dark Belgium Chocolate, Bavarian Cream & Red Raspberry

assorted cookie trays

Assorted Cookie Trays

party tray

Party Trays

Customized Pastry Party Trays that will impress your guests, or office clients. Call for suggestions.

parfait fruit tarts

Parfait Fruit Tarts

These are bite size desserts with glazed fresh fruit, Bavarian custard, chocolate ganache’ inside a crispy mini tart shell. Special order only, call for pricing.

Dessert Parfaits

Our dessert comes in a variety of decadent flavors: Bavarian cream, lemon cream, red raspberry, chocolate and more (7.5 ounces). Special order only, call for pricing